Every year in Florida the “snowbird” seasons primarily coincide with the busiest months in the car transport industry. Florida Auto Transport really starts to become prevalent beginning in October when it is more expensive to ship your car down from the north east due to the high volume of available jobs for car carriers. They will pretty much have their pick of the best priced jobs throughout the entire North East. A higher rate is needed to get your vehicle at the top of the board and give the carriers more of an incentive to pick up your bid over all the other vehicles looking to move south.

Now, if your shipping a car from Florida up to the North East you can get a great deal. All of the carriers that are delivering cars in Florida now need to fill up their trucks to go back up north. So they are willing to take a much lower rate to prevent heading back up with an empty load. Spring time is when the majority of snowbirds will decide to have their vehicles shipped back up to the north east causing an opposite effect resulting in a much higher rate needed to ship a vehicle from Florida back up to the north east.

To prevent paying the higher rates, try to book your order with in advance and leave a few weeks earlier than usual so you will beat the rush. Our Company has been the leading auto transporter in Florida for the past 5 years and we look forward to making you our next satisfied client. If you are shipping a car to Florida, please find your city below and read more about special pricing we may have for your specific route.

Popular Florida Cities for Auto Transport: