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Moving to Hawaii can be very exciting. The island state is absolutely gorgeous, and the population is growing quickly due to how nice it is. Of course, if you decide to move there, you will have a few issues that other (land only) moves do not incur.

First and foremost, you will be moving to a place that is surrounded by hundreds of miles of water, this presents a difficulty in getting your belongings there. Most specifically you’ll have to come up with a way to ship your car to Hawaii. Hawaii car shipping is actually much easier than it sounds though, and several companies are available to make the move for you. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when choosing a company to work with for your Hawaii car transport.

The Hawaii Car Shipping Difference

Car shipping to Hawaii may take longer. Across-ocean shipments tend to take a little longer than land only vehicle shipments. Reputable companies will discuss this with you when you call to get a quote or to make arrangements.
There is no on-board packing allowed. The normal 100 pounds in vehicle shipping is null and void as customs will only allow vehicles to ship that have no loose items in the car. You must take everything out of your vehicle before shipping a car to Hawaii.

Your vehicle is an expensive item and you want to make sure only the most qualified companies are taking care of your shipment that means companies that are insured and bonded.

There is only one company that provides excellent Hawaii car transport and customer service and that is All Day Auto Transport. We are a leading provider of shipping vehicles and have thousands of satisfied customers to back up our claims. In fact, 98% of customers who have used us for auto transport services said they would use us again. Here’s a little more information about our fantastic service:

We transport vehicles for the major car dealers, car collectors, auto shows, military personnel, eBay buyers, and most importantly the average person that is going through a household move cross country.

All Day Auto Transport only works with insured, reliable and fully bonded auto transporters. This means that your vehicle is only entrusted to companies that have proven track records for shipping. While other companies only take price into account when choosing the transporter, All Day Auto Transport likes to ensure a quality service and considers price after making sure your vehicle will be well taken care of.

All Day Auto Transport provides great customer service, often going out of our way to assist you with quotes, last minute arrangements and up to date information on your vehicle. With All Day Auto Transport you can call to find out where your vehicle is, in the shipping process, because we have excellent tracking devices.

Stay up to date on delivery and pick up times with All Day Auto Transport. 24-48 hours before your pick up or delivery you will get a notification from us 3-5 hours before delivery; you will receive a call from the driver of the truck who will have your vehicle. These updates give you time to schedule your day, find rental vehicles, and be home for pickup and delivery, making All Day Auto Transport the easiest company to work with for shipping your car to Hawaii.
How much does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii?

If you want more information about how to ship a car to Hawaii, we offer Free auto shipping quotes. Simply fill out the quote form on this website, or call us at 1-888-567-7396 to discuss your Hawaii car shipping needs today!

Hawaii Auto Transport Port Rates

The rates below are the port rates for shipping your vehicle to and from Hawaii. Because of the large volume of vehicles we ship, we receive deep discounts from boating companies. In most cases, our port rates are even more competitive than the quotes you would receive by going to a boating company directly yourself:

From California Ports:* $1,072, To California Ports:* $1,072
From Seattle Port:+ $1,072 To Seattle Port: $,1072
From Seattle Port:++ $1,729

Effective 07/01/11, an invasive species fee, imposed by the State of Hawaii, will be assessed on shipments to Hawaii at a rate of 0.75 cents for every 1,000 pounds. The current rate is 0.50 cents for every 1,000 pounds.

* California ports: Los Angeles (Long Beach) and Oakland
+ When vehicle does not exceed 21’8″ L or 7′ W or 6’3″ H
++ When vehicle does not exceed 21’8″ L or is between 7′ – 8′ W or is between 6’3″ – 7′ H

Popular Hawaii Cities for Auto Transport:


I rarely leave reviews and it's been a long time since somebody impressed me, I had a big van to ship from CO to WA and location I had, it's quite a marathon just to get there, I contacted various people on online sites and everybody was just pushing me or giving me fake quotes or just wanted me to book with them and pay them before they even have a driver. I was talking to Jerry Davis also from ALL DAY AUTO TRANSPORT and he sounded genuine. He assured me that he will charge me once my driver is scheduled , I was still less Confident as two company's already failed me and did say the same thing, but whatever he said, they came through, got a driver scheduled, picked up my Promaster , and it was an amazing experience. I ship vehicles regularly and it's the same mess every time with other shippers but these guys were really able to surprise me and they deserve this review more than anything. I got regular updates and didn't have to worry about anything. You guys have my business for whole life, thanks Jerry and ADAT for such a good service in a genuine price. Best of Luck !
ბექა მამრიკიშვილი
ბექა მამრიკიშვილი
Great experience - my car was delivered on time in the same condition.
Hannah Gerrick
Hannah Gerrick
Great business and would recommend to anyone out there
They were very flexible in coordinating the drop off of my daughter’s car across the country, which I appreciated. Price was reasonable. Good job All Day Auto Transport.
Greg Fayard
Greg Fayard
Communication can be a little better. I will use them again and will tell my friends.
Leslie Wells
Leslie Wells
Zach was terrific. Mark, our driver, is a day late so far and I had to reschedule my flight. It was the most costly transport too. Had the Jeep arrived on time it would have been worth it, too.
B Lyman
B Lyman

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