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Or perhaps you need to transport a vehicle from California to a new location?

All Day Auto Transport has been shipping cars to and from California since 2009.  Over the last decade we have consistently ranked as one of the best California auto transport companies in business.  With hundreds of California car carriers running weekly routes – north to Washington and southeast to Texas – shipping a car to California, or to a new home out of state is easy.  In addition, we have carriers transporting vehicles from California to the East Coast on a daily basis.  Regardless of whether you are buying a car online or moving to another state, All Day Auto Transport specializes in California car shipping, and can make transporting your vehicle a seamless experience.

Moving to or from California?

We know moving is stressful, we can help!  We make shipping a car to California (or to a new home out of state) easy so you can focus on where you are going to live.  Moving a vehicle sounds difficult, but it does not have to be.  If you cannot or do not want to drive your car to a new location, we offer door-to-door auto transport services.

The cost of driving your vehicle to a new location can be fairly expensive when you consider gas, mileage and depreciation, hotel stays, food, and your time required to do so.  In many cases, it is less expensive to have a professional car transport company ship your car to the destination.  For these reasons, and to just reduce the stress of your move, contact a reputable California auto transport company like All Day Auto Transport to make it easy.

All Day Auto Transport is a leading California auto transport company with nearly a decade of experience shipping vehicles nationally and internationally.  By offering reliable and fully insured transportation services, and operating on volume (instead of margin), we are able to offer the most competitive auto transport rates and great service.  With thousands of satisfied customers, we are confident we can deliver a great experience for you.

If you need to ship a car to California, or transport a vehicle out of state, simply contact us and request an instant auto transport quote.

About All Day Auto Transport

With All Day Auto Transport, your schedule comes first.  Our pricing is transparent and there are no upfront deposits or hidden fees.  We offer free auto transport quotes based upon your pick-up location, destination, and vehicle type.  We then research carrier routes and availability, and work to schedule the most convenient time for you.  But until a car carrier is assigned and a final rate is shared, we will not charge you or ask to hold your credit card information.  Simple as that. Our differentiating factor is Service.  When you pick All Day Auto Transport, you will be assigned a real American transport service representative.  They will personally email you the details of your order, and can access the tracking systems to give you the exact location of your vehicle at any time.  To us, communication is key; you will receive an email and/or phone call 24-48 hours before vehicle pick-up.  A full inspection of your vehicle will be performed.  And the driver who transports your vehicle will contact you three to five hours before they arrive at your destination.

People chose All Day Auto Transport and will use us again because we are:

  • EXPERIENCED: We have specialized in transporting cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, and heavy equipment since 2009
  • INSURED: Every car is assigned to a licensed, bonded and fully insured car carrier
  • RELIABLE: We transport thousands of vehicles for major car dealers, car collectors, auto shows, military personal, eBay buyers, and most importantly, everyday people who are moving to a new location
  • FULL-SERVICE: Every All Day Auto Transport car carrier offers door-to-door service on your schedule

All Day Auto Transport is more than just another California car shipping company, we are service professionals who specialize in taking the stress out of auto transportation.  To ensure your vehicle is given the best care, fill out the form for a FREE auto transport quote or call us at (888) 567-7396 today.

What Makes All Day Auto Transport Different?

We take customer service very seriously, and train our staff to make the process as easy as possible.  We want your California car shipping experience to be seamless, here’s how we do it:

Free Auto Transport Quotes
  • We offer free auto transport quotes with no upfront deposits required.  By inputting your pick-up location, destination, and vehicle data we can very closely estimate the carrier transport costs to ship your vehicle, and we require no deposit to do so.  Our quotes are free, comprehensive, completely transparent (no hidden fees), and include the total estimated cost to safely transport your vehicle.
Insured, Licensed & Reliable
  • Our fair quote system is based on the current market price to transport your vehicle.  We take the time to find reliable auto carriers who are traveling your route, and are willing to provide door to door service.  All of All Day Auto Transport’s carriers are completely insured, licensed, and fully bonded.  Because we work with numerous carriers, each must bid in order to win your business, which allows us to offer the most competitive rates.
Easy to Schedule
  • As soon as a car carrier is assigned and a final price is set, we’ll help you secure a pick-up date around your schedule. As each carrier is transporting 9-11 vehicles at a time, pick-up dates are not exact, however we strive to ensure each date we quote is as accurate as possible.  The “First Available Shipping Date,” is the date your vehicle is ready to be picked-up.  Depending on carrier availability, we may be able to assign a truck to load your vehicle on your First Available Shipping Date, but it may be a few days after.  Our usual pick-up window is 1 to 5 business days starting from the First Available Shipping Date.  We will call you 24-48 hours before pick-up to confirm your delivery schedule, and provide 3-5 hours notice before the delivery driver arrives at your destination.
No Upfront Deposit
  • We understand that you count on your vehicle; so we do not charge an upfront deposit and leave you waiting until a car carrier is assigned.  Each delivery we schedule is timed as conveniently and accurately as possible.  Keep in mind drivers are not allowed to travel more than 400 miles per day.  If you need help shipping a car to California (especially major cities like Los Angeles,  San Diego, San Francisco or San Jose) scheduling California auto transport services is straight-forward and easy.  For less popular destinations, we’re still able to ship your vehicle faster than other companies because we’ve a nationwide carrier network, built over the last decade in business.  We’ll never charge you an upfront deposit.  You will not pay anything until we are able secure a driver for your route and you pick us for your California auto transport, so there’s no risk to request a free quote.
Great Service
  • Our customer service representatives have up-to-date tracking information on your vehicle and with just one phone call you can find out where your vehicle is located.  Real-time tracking allows us to ensure your vehicle is safe, and en route to your destination.


I rarely leave reviews and it's been a long time since somebody impressed me, I had a big van to ship from CO to WA and location I had, it's quite a marathon just to get there, I contacted various people on online sites and everybody was just pushing me or giving me fake quotes or just wanted me to book with them and pay them before they even have a driver. I was talking to Jerry Davis also from ALL DAY AUTO TRANSPORT and he sounded genuine. He assured me that he will charge me once my driver is scheduled , I was still less Confident as two company's already failed me and did say the same thing, but whatever he said, they came through, got a driver scheduled, picked up my Promaster , and it was an amazing experience. I ship vehicles regularly and it's the same mess every time with other shippers but these guys were really able to surprise me and they deserve this review more than anything. I got regular updates and didn't have to worry about anything. You guys have my business for whole life, thanks Jerry and ADAT for such a good service in a genuine price. Best of Luck !
ბექა მამრიკიშვილი
ბექა მამრიკიშვილი
Great experience - my car was delivered on time in the same condition.
Hannah Gerrick
Hannah Gerrick
Great business and would recommend to anyone out there
They were very flexible in coordinating the drop off of my daughter’s car across the country, which I appreciated. Price was reasonable. Good job All Day Auto Transport.
Greg Fayard
Greg Fayard
Communication can be a little better. I will use them again and will tell my friends.
Leslie Wells
Leslie Wells
Zach was terrific. Mark, our driver, is a day late so far and I had to reschedule my flight. It was the most costly transport too. Had the Jeep arrived on time it would have been worth it, too.
B Lyman
B Lyman

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