Long Distance Towing & Car Transport

What is your long distance towing rates?

Long Distance towing & car transport is a stressful task for most of our clients when they initially begin their journey of finding a reliable car transporter for long distances or even short in state routes.

All Day Auto Transport can tow any vehicle from boats and trailers to heavy equipment we’ve done it all. Our long distance car transport services and long distance towing companies are simply the best in the business. Being that we’ve been in business for over 5 years we have established a network of licensed and insured car transporters for long distance shipping to every state.  When we say “long distance towing” we mean towing an oversized vehicle over 1000 miles.

Normal towing companies can charge up to $5 per mile for these long distance transports but since we are one of the largest car transport companies in the country we can offer some the best rates for long distance towing and long distance car transport.

Our long distance towing rates are some times as low as 40. cents per mile!? With our reliable service and some of the lowest shipping rates in the country we are happy to say we have proved time and time again that we are simply the best.

Call us now at 888-567-7396 for a quote to ship any vehicle , heavy equipment, trailer or boat now. Our agents are standing by 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.

Example Long Distance Transport Rates

Tampa Fl to Boston MA $600
Fort Lauderdale Fl to Houston TX $680
Fort Lauderdale FL to Sacramento CA $1099
New Jersey to California for $1080
New York to Florida for $890
Dallas to Los Angeles for $750