Florida Car Shipping – Peak Seasons


Florida Car Shipping by All Day Auto Transport Every year the Florida “snowbird” season coincides with the busiest months in the car transport industry.  Florida car shipping really starts to pick up at the beginning of October, and as a result, it becomes more expensive to ship your car to Florida from the Northeast.  Due to the high volume of demand and limited carrier availability, auto transport rates increase.  Expect to pay more during peak season to get your vehicle shipped to Florida in a timely manner.

With that said, if you are shipping a car from Florida up to the Northeast in October, you can get a great deal!  All of the auto carriers that are delivering cars in Florida are looking to reload their trucks prior to heading back north.  So they are typically willing to take a much lower rate to ensure they’re not traveling home empty.  Spring time is when the majority of snowbirds decide to have their vehicles shipped back up to the Northeast, which causes the opposite effect, resulting in a much higher rates to ship a vehicle from Florida back up to the Northeast.


Best Florida Car Shipping Rates:

To get the best possible rate, try to book your order with All Day Auto Transport a few weeks prior to the seasonal spikes in demand.  We are headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida and have been shipping cars to and from Florida since 2009.  We know Florida car shipping volume and car carrier rates.  If you’d like to ship a car to Florida feel free to reach out to us for advice on timing your vehicle transport, or for a free auto transport quote.  We have transport specialists available 24/7, call us at (888) 567-7396 or simply fill out the instant quote form on this page.


Tips: How to Ship a Car to Florida

Since many people use their cars seasonally in Florida, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Florida auto transport is less costly in the Spring.  If you have flexibility in your schedule, speak with an All Day Auto Transport representative to understand the seasonal spikes in volume, and plan to ship your car to Florida around the seasonal changes to get the best rates.
  • Choose a drop-off location that is close to a major city or tourist destination.  Since there are many tourist areas throughout Florida, consider scheduling your drop-off destination near a high-traffic location or region as it is likely the auto transport carriers will already be heading to that location, which increases your chances of getting a good deal.  While door-to-door delivery is always available, please note that remote destinations off the beaten-path may be more costly.
  • Protect your vehicle from the sun.  If you have a classic car, luxury vehicle, or custom paint job, then you may want to consider enclosed auto transport to ensure the Florida sun does not damage your vehicle while in transit.  If you have any interest in enclosed car shipping, talk to a transport specialist (888) 567-7396 and see how the rates compare to traditional uncovered / open auto transport.
  • Plan your course of travel.  If you’re considering shipping a car to Florida for an extended vacation, then you may want to chart your path ahead of time to be most efficient. This way, you don’t spend a great deal in gas traveling from one area of the state, and back again to a car carrier pick-up location prior to departing.

Having a personal vehicle in Florida gives you unmatched flexibility and freedom to explore.  If you would like to ship a car to Florida, or transport your vehicle from Florida to another state, contact All Day Auto Transport to see the most competitive rates. Every car carrier we work with is fully licensed, insured, and reliable.  Fill out the instant car shipping quote form or call us to learn more now: (888) 567-7396


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