If you are looking for a safe and reliable way to ship your classic car, exotic car, or new car and have it remain in showroom condition, look no further. All Day Auto Transport offers enclosed auto transport carriers and trailers to ensure complete protection from the elements, road damage, and theft.

Every enclosed or covered carrier or trailer is complete with sidewalls and a roof, and vary in size to ensure a perfect fit every time. Enclosed containers also include a lift-gate service to guarantee there is no scraping of the bumper upon loading. It is important to note that all enclosed carriers are, in fact, ENCLOSED. This means your car travels in a solid container from floor to ceiling.

Our drivers are reliable, trained, and experienced. They specialize in high-end vehicles and treat every car as if it were their own. Each auto transporter is put through a demanding pre-screening process and must be currently licensed and insured. We go one step further by gathering references from 10 different brokers they’ve driven with in the past as well as from 10 of their past customers. Our extraordinary car shipping reputation is important to us and their reputation as excellent high-end drivers is important to them. We take every precaution necessary to ensure your car arrives in the pristine condition you left her in.

Another benefit of shipping with an enclosed container is a decreased shipping time, meaning your car arrives at your specified destination sooner. This is due to the fact that enclosed auto transporters carry around three to seven cars, whereas an open carrier typically holds 8 to 11.

Although our enclosed or covered containers are most often chosen for high-end cars, it is an option for anyone looking for added vehicle protection. These containers do offer some restrictions however, including width and height restrictions and limited trailer availability.

Here at All Day Auto Transport, we specialize in classic and exotic car transportation and we’ve been in business for over three years with a 5-star customer satisfaction rating. We offer the finest and most reliable car transportation services, with fair car transport rates. Our price quotes are free and our agents are standing-by. We look forward to hearing from you.