ABOUT US: All Day Auto Transport was founded in early 2009 by Justin Brain and Daniel Bliffeld of Coral Springs, Florida. After working in the industry for nearly 10 years, they saw the need for a more honest, and customer first approach that seemed lacking in the industry. Working for a company, they witnessed first hand, sales agents saying  ANYTHING to the prospective client on the phone just to get their business which as you can imagine turned out to accomplish nothing but making the customer angry by the end of the transport. The classic bait and switch, low ball quoting, over promising and under delivering on transit times, everything you can imagine was said and done, and as you can see from most review sites there are a ton of fly by night companies that we try to warn every client about. When we decided to start our own firm, we made a promise to our selves to be different from the rest.

Our company was founded on the following motto:
  • Treat every client like they are family
  • If we have to lie to get your business, we would rather let the you try another company
  • Treat every car like it was your own, our business LIVES off of referals and clients who have shipped more than 1 vehicle
  • Under Promise and Over Deliver!
  • Treat every client with INTEGRITY.

All of our sales agents and customer service staff have these 5 rules printed and framed on their desks. We want all of our agents to treat our customers and prospective customers with respect and give them all the knowledge to make an informed decision. Our track record speaks for it self. We’re 5 star rated on every major review site, which you can see for your self with  a simple google search.  Daniel & Justin started out of they’re own homes and now almost 6 years later have a 20 person staff with in office located in the heart of Coral Springs , Florida and after over 20,000 vehicles shipped we hope to make you our next satisfied client!

Should you have any special considerations pertaining to your car shipping needs (i.e. you wish to ship: more than one vehicle, multiple vehicles of different types, over-sized vehicles, high-end vehicles, etc.) kindly be sure to give us call (888) 567-7396 or contact us so that we can give your car shipping request the attention it deserves.