Thinking about shipping a valuable, rare, or classic vehicle?  Have you considered enclosed car shipping?  Our enclosed transport service is simply the best money can buy.  All of our trailers are hard sided and equipped with a lift gate service, which means the ramp will lower all the way flat to the ground and then the vehicle is driven on the ramp and the ramp raises back up into the carrier; this prevents any scraping while loading.

All of the enclosed car haulers are brand new, so your vehicle is being shipped with the most up to date equipment available.  The inside of the trailer is climate controlled at a constant 75 degrees because are enclosed clients we have are shipping for museums, auto shows, classic cars and high end luxury vehicles.

The driver that actually picks up the vehicle, they will put down seat covers and floor mats when they enter your vehicle and actually wear white gloves while inside the car.

The Department of Transportation only requires that we have a $250,000 insurance policy and our carriers will hold a minimum of $2,000,000 of cargo insurance, just to give every client that extra piece of mind.

We do recommend, that if you have a vehicle that warrants extra special handling that you consider enclosed car shipping.


Vehicle is a classic, rare or high-end model.

Vehicle is low-clearance.

Vehicle is extra-wide.

Vehicle is used in showrooms or advertising.

Rare Paint Jobs are protected from Heat with Climate Control.

If you are concerned about harsh weather conditions.

Lift-Gate service to make sure there is no scraping of the bumper when loading

Restoration jobs or part cars with no windows.

Expensive vehicles (our enclosed car haulers carry a 1 million dollar cargo insurance policy)

5-Star Rated Enclosed Car Haulers

The Best Service and Most Reliable Drivers Available

One thing to note about our enclosed auto shipping — if you are willing to pay the extra cost for enclosed shipping, rest assured that this does mean that your vehicle will be shipped entirely ENCLOSED.  The enclosure in which your classic car or luxury vehicle travels is solid, from floors to walls to the ceiling overhead.

Our enclosed transport service includes the most reliable drivers available and the best service.  Each enclosed auto carriers specializes in shipping exotic, high end cars.  From Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and classic cars that are still in showroom condition – our drivers have done it all.  The enclosed car carriers will treat your car with the utmost care, as if it was one of their own.  Our reputation depends on it.

Most of the transport carriers that we use for these jobs only own enclosed car haulers and employ the best drivers with the most experience.  All of the enclosed transporters we use also go through a rigorous pre-screening process.  We will get references from 10 different brokers they have used in the past as well as 10 customers and verify all insurance and licensing is up to date with the Department of Transportation.

Another benefit of enclosed auto transport is the overall transit and delivery time is usually quicker than open car carriers.  The reason for this is that enclosed transported only have 3 to 7 cars on their hauler rather than the typical 8 to 11 on an open car transporter.  Enclosed car shipping rates start at around $1250 for cross country shipping, but will vary depending on location, vehicle type and the time of year you are shipping.