The form to the right is our state of the art “car shipping calculator” that we developed systematically through many years in the transport industry. Once you fill out the pick up address and delivery address and enter in the year, make and model of your vehicle our calculator get’s to work. Car shipping prices are calculated based on many different factors including the distance of the route, size of vehicle as well as the month the vehicle is being shipped. Our Shipping calculator will give you an exact cost to ship your vehicle as well as the soonest date our carriers can pick up the automobile  and even an approximate delivery date. We guarantee that our auto transport calculator will give you an all inclusive rate for shipping , which includes our standard $250,000 insurance policy that covers every car we ship. Our auto shipping calculator can give accurate prices on any standard sedan, SUV or Truck. Any vehicles with modifications like over sized tires, lift kits, or even lowered vehicles can not be accurately quoted unless you call 855-269-1288 directly and speak to one of our transport specialists.

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Example Car Shipping Calculator Prices

  • Shipping a car 1000 Miles = $750
  • Shipping a car 1500 Miles = $990
  • Shipping a car 2000 Miles = $1090
  • Shipping a car 2500 Miles = $1190
  • Shipping a car 500 Miles = $590