Are you looking to ship a car from Houston, Texas to Sunny Miami, Florida ? We have a network of hundreds of car haulers running daily routes from the Houston Texas area to Miami, Florida and the surrounding area. We ship every type of vehicle from motorcycles, to trucks, and even boats! We know from first hand experience how bad public transport is in Miami, so we realize how important it may be for our clients to have their vehicles shipped as quickly as possible. Our transporters usually make it from Houston to South Florida in less than 5 days. That is about 3 days faster than the average cross country car transport. Being that we have so many haulers doing this route on a daily basis ,we can usually keep our prices lower than any other transporter. Cost to ship a car from Houston to Miami is usually under $700, depending on the size of your vehicle and the season your shipping in.

Enclosed Car Transport from Houston to Miami

We have many different car shipping services we offer, but one of the most common requests for our Houston to Miami route is enclosed transport for luxury, classic,antique or exotic cars. Our companies enclosed transporters carry over 1 million dollars of cargo insurance for each vehicle and our drivers are the best of the best. Whether their shipping a classic 1960 Mustang, an antique 1930’s Model A, or a brand new Buggati Veyron, all of our drivers have experience in handling every vehicle with the utmost care. If your interested in our enclosed car transport service from Houston to Miami Florida just ask one of our reps about it, we can be reached at 754-229-2422 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take for my car to arrive in Miami after being picked up in Houston?
    Transit time from Houston to Miami is usually 3 to 5 days. Keep in mind the drivers are picking up and delivering 9 vehicles at a time and can only travel 300 to 500 miles per day based on Department of transportation guidelines.
  2. Is the vehicle insured while on the carrier during transit?
    Yes, every carrier we use holds a minimum of $500,000 in cargo insurance. Make sure to notate any damage on the Bill of Lading on delivery, insurance companies will not cover any damage that is not noted.
  3. How can I get an exact rate to ship my car from Houston, Texas to Miami?
    Fill out our car shipping calculator form to the left to get an exact rate to transport your car to Florida or Call us at 855-269-1288 , agents are standing by 24-7.
  4. How do I pay for the transport?
    A portion is paid Via credit card or debit card to reserve your spot on the carrier, the remaining balance is paid COD to the carrier on delivery , cash , cashiers check or money order.
  5. Can I put any luggage or belongings in my car during transport to Miami?
    You are allowed to put under 100 LBS of belongings in the trunk of the vehicle during transport from Austin to Miami.
  6. If my car doesn’t start, can it still be shipped?
    Yes , just let us know prior to setting up the order so we can schedule a carrier that can loan inoperable vehicles. Please let us know if it breaks, steers and rolls as well.
  7. How long has All Day Auto Transport been transporting cars?
    We’ve been in business and have been shipping cars from Houston to Miami since 2009.
  8. If I am the owner of the car and not there on pick up or delivery is that ok?
    Yes! Just let your coordinator know while setting up the order who ever will be giving the keys to the driver on pick up and accepting the vehicle on delivery !