The cost to ship a car from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix varies on the type of vehicle your shipping, distance of locations to major highways and of course the cost of diesel fuel for car haulers. All Day Auto Transport has been a top rated car shipper based in the Fort Lauderdale area that specializes in shipping vehicles of all types to Phoenix. Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix auto transport is one of  our companies major shipping routes and since 2009 our car transporters have shipped more vehicles to Phoenix from Florida than any other auto shipping company in the country. Every car transporter we have in Fort Lauderdale that travels cross country to Phoenix holds a minimum of a 1 million dollar insurance policy that covers all of the vehicles on their hauler. We do this to give our customers in Florida that are moving to the Arizona area the peace of mind knowing their vehicles are completely insured in the rare case of damage during transport. We also do extensive background checks on all of our drivers to ensure our clients vehicles are being shipped with the most reliable carriers. Currently the average cost to ship a sedan 2000 miles,from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix is $900, but, this does depend on the size of the sedan and the time of year you may be shipping.

If you need to ship a car from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix our company is rated 5 stars for a reason, we are simply the most reliable transporter in the country. Call us now at 855-269-1288 and speak to a car shipping specialist that can answer any questions you may have about auto transport.