Sturgis Motorcycle Show via All Day Auto Transport Shipping a motorcycle from California to  the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is something our company does every single year since our inception. We have a fleet of over 30 motorcycle transporters that are constantly going back and forth between LA, San Diego, Irvine and areas in Northern California like Oakland, San Fransisco , Fresno and Sacramento . Once The enclosed Haulers are filled with up to 15 bikes each they head off to Sturgis to deliver the bikes before the show. Our carriers will than hang out for the weekend and bring our clients bikes right back to their home in California.

Traffic for the Official Rally Dates in 2015 was up 30.7% from 2014.  2014 Traffic entering Sturgis at the 8 locations was 390,693.     The 60th Rally in 2000 was the highest traffic entering Sturgis for the 7 official Rally dates with 604,441 total vehicles. 2015 was the highest total traffic entering Sturgis since 2005 when the total was 524,656. All Day Auto Transport takes pride in shipping your bike up to Sturgis and you can rest assure we are the best of the best. From southern California to Sturgis it is $790 to ship your bike enclosed. From Northern California to Sturgis it is  $960. These rates are based on early reservations. Last minute reservations within 30 days before the Rally will usually include a surcharge. Call us at 855-269-1288 to book your bike for Sturgis 2016.