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Car Shipping Vs. Driving

Car shipping benefits over driving - All Day Auto Transport

Often times when you need to transport a vehicle hundreds of miles to a new location, it makes more sense to ship your car than drive.  If you are relocating, or need your vehicle in a different location for an extended period, it is important to consider all of your expenses and travel time, mileage and depreciation, and the environmental impact when making your decision.

Here are a few reasons it may be better to ship a car:


Save Time and Money

A long road trip can be very expensive.  In addition to the cost of gas, you should also factor in expenses for accommodations and time off from work.  Shipping a car helps eliminate unnecessary expenses and maximizes your free time.  While the price of gas fluctuates daily, it fairly easy to estimate your fuel costs by dividing your total travel distance (in miles) by the MPG efficiency of your vehicle, and then multiply that amount by the average price of a gallon of gas (U.S. Average $2.54 as of 6/1/2018).

For example, a 1200 mile journey in an SUV that gets 15 MPG would cost roughly two hundred dollars in fuel (1200 miles / 15 MPG) * ($2.54 avg. price per gallon of gas) = $203.20.  This should be a big factor in your decision to drive, or ship your car.  In addition to fuel expenses, consider the cost of hotels and food along your journey.  And if you are forced take time off work, there may be an opportunity or real cost associated with driving as well.  By shipping your vehicle, you can eliminate these costs, and simplify the transport process.


Avoid Unnecessary Miles

Driving hundreds of miles to relocate depreciates the value of your car.  Each mile adds wear and tear on your vehicle; the cost of new tires, brakes, oil changes, and other parts and maintenance should all be considered.  By shipping your car, you will reduce wear, and delay costly service intervals.


Help the Environment

Shipping a car has a smaller environmental impact than driving.  When you ship your car, the car carrier is able to transport multiple vehicles, typically 9 to 11 cars at once.  Transporting multiple vehicles, rather than having each travel separately is far more efficient, with less carbon monoxide emissions.  As record high temperatures, rising sea levels, and severe flooding and droughts become increasingly common, every small reduction in emissions helps.


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Since 2009, All Day Auto Transport has helped thousands of clients ship cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats across the country with fully insured, licensed, and reliable car carriers.  If you are considering the benefits of shipping a car, feel free to contact All Day Auto Transport for a free quote by calling (888) 567-7396  or simply use the quote form here.


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