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Shipping your motorcycle from Florida to California isn’t has hard as it may seem. Their are many motorcycle shipping specialists the run this route weekly and whether you need to ship your bike enclosed or via open carrier All Day Auto Transport does it all!

Our motorcycle transporting service caters to the needs of many different customers. Some are selling a bike on sites like eBay Motors, others need simple transport and relocation services. We even get the occasional adventurer who wants a bike shipped to a location from which to start a road trip. Whatever your motorcycle shipping needs, our company offers safe and timely solutions to meet all your transportation requirements.

We offer several options to fit the needs of our two wheel enthusiasts. Motorbikes can be shipped on a semi-truck, flat bed, or on a motorcycle trailer which can be pulled behind a car or truck. We also have enclosed transport and door-to-door delivery options available.

When selling a motorbike on sites such as Craigslist or eBay Motors, many sellers are faced with the difficulty–and often the cost–of transporting the bike. Finding an affordable option that incorporates the safety and scheduling needs of our customers is a top priority. The range of options offered by All Day Auto Transport allows us to meet virtually any customer need, all while still maintaining our affordable rates.

Example Motorcycle Shipping Rates

Shipping a bike enclosed from Florida to California $680
Shipping a bike enclosed from California to Florida $599

Shipping a bike via open hauler from Florida to California $600


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