If you are moving across country from the Orlando area in Florida to Portland Oregon , your most likely finding it more feasible to ship your vehicle across country rather than driving over 2900 miles. All Day Auto Transport has a network of over 2000 carriers going back and forth from Florida to Oregon. We ship all types of automobiles to Portland including, motorcycles, trucks, suv’s, RV’s and boat’s. When you are getting quotes from other companies we recommend you ask for their license and insurance information before having the carrier pick up the vehicle. Our company is insured and licensed for nationwide transport to every state, and we specialize in routes from Orlando to Portland, Oregon. Just over 100 of our carriers are running routes every week up to the North West.


How much does it cost to ship a car from Orlando to Portland?

Below are estimated rates for different vehicles

  • Motorcycle via open carrier – $795
  • Small Sedan via open carrier-$1199
  • Small SUV via open carrier-$1350
  • Small Truck via open carrier-$1550
  • Boat on Trailer via open carrier -$2900


*We also have enclosed haulers available for a premium approx. $400-$600 more, Also large suv’s such as Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator or Cadillac Escalade will require additional funds for transport. For an exact rate on your specific vehicle please call us at 855-269-1288 and speak to an agent today!