The average cost to ship a car across country is about $1000 on an open carrier and around $1500 on an enclosed carrier.

The cost to transport a car is most likely one of the biggest questions you’ll have when deciding whether to ship your car or not. You might be surprised by the answer, but 9 out of 10 times it is cheaper and safer to ship your car via car hauler rather than to drive your vehicle yourself. Fuel, wear and tear on the car, flight costs and cross country transit time all come into effect if you decide to move your vehicle your self.

Let All Day Auto Transport make your car transport as worry free as possible and your satisfaction is our guarantee. Most of our clients that end up shipping their vehicle with us usually tell us we weren’t the cheapest quote they received. Most people would be surprised by this but our whole staff is expertly trained in explaining to each client the in’s and out’s of the transport industry and how we actually determine the quote we give them. Thus, our customers realizes that maybe paying the extra $100 that our quote might be compared to another could be the difference of getting a reliable car transporter to pick up their vehicle on the days they need.  50% of our business comes from rescuing people that tried to ship their car with another company and no hauler ever comes to pick up their vehicle, because the broker gave them an unrealistic quote to hook their business, rather than the actual cost to ship their car. All Day Auto Transport will always give you the lowest possible car transport quote that will actually get your vehicle moved, no headaches, no games, no excuses – just an honest and accurate rate to ship your vehicle!

The cost to ship a car will vary depending on location from major highways, weather, vehicle type and season but below are some examples of the price to ship your vehicle to and from some of the most popular routes in the country:

  • New York to Florida Call For Rate
  • Massachusetts to Florida  $890
  • Connecticut to Kentucky Call For Rate
  • Alabama to Florida for $590
  • Louisiana to Georgia for $590
  • Texas to Georgia for $690
  • Vermont to Florida  $990
  • Florida to Nevada $1090
  • Alabama to Louisiana $590
  • Texas to New York $890
  • Maine to Oklahoma Call For Rate
  • Ohio to Florida  $790
  • Virginia to Florida  Call For Rate
  • California to Illinois  $890
  • California to Oregon  for $790
  • California to New York  Call For Rate
  • California to Georgia  for Call For Rate
  • Washington to Florida  for $1090
  • Washington to North Carolina  for $1190
  • Nevada to Virgina  for $990
  • Illinois to Texas  for $760
  • Hawaii to Florida  for $2070
  • Hawaii to California  for $1075
  • New Jersey to Florida Call For Rate
  • Maine to Colorado  for $1290
  • Colorado to Florida for $890
  • Florida to North East Special $590


Frequently Asked Questions When Shipping a Car

  1. How long does it take for my car to arrive  after being picked up at it’s location?
    Transit time differs but vehicles are usually delivered between 5 to 7 days ( if it’s a shorter route like Florida to Georgia for example it would only be 1 or 2 days for delivery.) Keep in mind the drivers are picking up and delivering 9 vehicles at a time and can only travel 300 to 500 miles per day based on Department of transportation guidelines.
  2. Is the vehicle insured while on the carrier during transit?
    Yes, every carrier we use holds a minimum of $500,000 in cargo insurance. Make sure to notate any damage on the Bill of Lading on delivery, insurance companies will not cover any damage that is not noted.
  3. How can I get an exact quote to ship my car?
    The estimates above are pretty accurate but for an exact price fill out our car shipping calculator form to the left to get an exact rate to transport your car to any State or Call us at 855-269-1288 , agents are standing by 24-7.
  4. How do I pay for the transport?
    A portion is paid Via credit card or debit card to reserve your spot on the carrier, the remaining balance is paid COD to the carrier on delivery , cash , cashiers check or money order.
  5. Is there a Cancellation Fee if I decide not to ship the car?
    As long as the driver is not already on the way to pick up the vehicle there are zero cancellation fee’s .
  6. Can I put belongings in the vehicle?
    The driver will allow you to put up to 100 pounds of personal items in the trunk or in the back seat below the window line, if the car is packed the driver will ask for additional funds because they can be ticketed by the Department of Transportation.
  7. If I am not there on delivery when the carrier arrives, what happens?
    We will always try to coordinate with the driver to arrive on a date when the client will be able to accept the vehicle, but every now and then the driver may arrive a day early or a day late so it’s always good to have a back up plan and have payment ready for the carrier COD , we understand things happen and we will always do our best to accommodate.
  8. If I am shipping more than one vehicle is there a discount?
    We always offer multiple car discounts, just call our agents at 855-269-1288 or notate the second vehicle being transported on the car shipping calculator form.
  9. Will the driver call me before picking up the car and delivering the car?
    Yes the driver will call 24 hours in advance of pick up and delivery to give you plenty of notice, it is kind of like the cable TV company , where they will give you a window of 8AM to 12PM or 12PM to 5PM .
  10. How long have you been in business?
    The company started in 2009 and now has offices in South Florida, Atlanta Georgia, Los Angeles, and Riverdale , New York. We have agents standing by 24 hours a day.


All prices above are estimates based upon small sedans and distance from major highways. Upstate New York and Northern California, and shipping during holiday weeks may require additional funds to secure a carrier. Auto transport rates change almost every week. Please call to verify your rate from your city, or fill out a quote form for a free custom quote!