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Buying a car in another state may seem like a big hassle to most people. But according to recent autotrader2-300x200reports from Auto Trader, online car buying is at an all time high. Due to customers saving sometimes thousands of dollars on state and local tax rules, and the low cost of car shipping. All Day Auto Transport has dealt with hundreds of dealer ship moves, auction transports, and your every day private to private car buyer that needs they’re vehicle shipped cross country. We always recommend hiring a local auto inspection agency that will verify for you the car is in good running condition before buying from a private owner online. This will guarantee you are getting what you paid for. Also make sure the seller does a thorough inspection with the driver on pick up and notates any scratches or dents on the Bill of Lading. This will cover you just in case there is any damage during transport. You will know if the scratch or dent was on the vehicle prior to the carrier loading the automobile.

All Day Auto Transport also recommends using PayPal as a tool for sending funds to the seller. This is another great form of protection from any fraud that can occur. PayPal gives clients a 10 day window to dispute any funds transfer for automobile purchases. Buying a car online can be stressful, but, when you are prepared you can save a ton of money. Let All Day Auto Transport handle all your car shipping needs. Remember we ship all vehicles to and from every state in the country.


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