What is the difference between a broker and a carrier?

When looking for auto transport and car shipping companies, there are really two different options you can choose to book with: a broker, and a carrier. The main difference is that a broker does not own their own trucks. It is our job as a broker to find a car carrier in the area that is willing to pick up your vehicle at the given price. An auto carrier owns a small fleet of trucks, and they send one of their trucks to pick up your vehicle.

But which is better?

Most experts will agree that having the many different options that a broker can provide. One of the main reasons is that most carriers are very small companies with only 1 to 5 trucks so if there is any issue with a break down or unforeseen delays you will be stuck waiting for one of there other trucks to pick up the vehicle. When going with an auto transport broker you are utilizing thousands of different carriers for each transport, which gives you many options. If there is a problem with one carrier, it is very easy to dispatch another one to pick up your vehicle. All Day Auto Transport will do background checks on every carrier to assure that only the best auto transport companies are used for every shipment.

More shipping options = Less headaches

So, why would you want to tie yourself down to one carrier? Trucks can be notoriously unreliable, especially when dealing with a carrier. Car shipping is not like calling a cab or a limo service; many times, trucks can break down, run late, or even cancel. When you ship with a car shipping carrier, as opposed to a car shipping broker, you’re tied down, and if the carrier suddenly decides to drop the ball, you’re sent packing with nowhere else to go. This is not so with an auto transport brokerage. If a truck breaks down or fails to pickup the car, which does happen occasionally, we can just line up another car shipper to pick up your vehicle, saving you time and money on your car transport.

With carriers, typically you’ll get a quote and then they’ll want to book it immediately. Not so with a brokerage. With a brokerage, you can get quotes, see their prices, and then react to the price and see which one is best suited for you. Car shipping is not an exact science; mostly, the quotes you get from carriers will be estimates, and then they’ll spring you with additional fees and surcharges.

Another positive thing about booking your car shipping with a brokerage is that you save time, money, and hassle. With a carrier, it sounds like you’d be getting a good deal: direct contact with the trucks, etc. However, that’s just not the case. Many carriers don’t have the equipment necessary to communicate with their trucks the way brokerages can. Plus, carriers have many trucks all across the United States; brokerages have one at a time. The customer service representative from the brokerage you choose for your transport focuses on you; the CSR at a carrier has so many more things they need to do, and you will get lost in the shuffle.
The biggest thing about carriers is that they will give you a quote for terminal-to-terminal shipping. This means that your vehicle will be picked up and dropped off at a terminal, just waiting there for more cars coming from your area to where you’re going. This can take weeks, if not months. Brokerages won’t do that, especially the ones that advertise with us. Their quotes are for door-to-door service, and the price you see is the price you get. Carriers may tend to “forget” to add the cost of insurance to your price, dramatically lowering it to entice you to ship with them. Not only is this sleazy, but illegal. Brokerages tend to respect the law; your price will include the cost of insurance as well as any other fees they may want you to pay. In other words, you know what you’re paying for.

How is All Day Auto Transport different?

We supply you with accurate car transport quotes within minutes of calling our sales office or filling out an online quote form. Unlike our competition all our quotes are supplied directly from our owners with over 20 years combined experience in the industry they can give the most accurate quotes to ship your car in the time frame that you need. Being that our company is ran directly by the owners we also have a customer service staff that is readily available. If you choose All Day Auto Transport you can always get a rep on the phone or a call back in a timely fashion. We adhere to business etiquette of the past where the customer is always put first. Please take the time now to fill out an online quote form or call us directly at.