Here at All Day Auto Transport, we take car carrying seriously. With over 10,000 vehicles shipped per year around the U.S. and to 99% of the world, we’ve had the advantage of developing relationships with a large database of carriers. The drivers we select offer the best service and are the most experienced, taking every precaution to care for your car. We offer two types of car carriers / transporters here at All Day Auto Transport, open, uncovered car carriers and enclosed, covered car carriers.

Our open, uncovered car haulers are the most common carrier / transporter chosen to ship our client’s vehicles. Their size varies from large 11-car dual-level carriers, to small 1-car flat-carriers. The open, uncovered types have no sidewalls or roofs, so the vehicles remain exposed to weather conditions. The most common open, uncovered carriers hold from 8 to 10 cars and are the most affordable type available.

We also offer closed, covered car carriers for classic, exotic, high-end cars, or any car that you wish to keep protected from the elements. All enclosed cars are contained from top to bottom with sidewalls and roofs. These carriers also offer a lift-gate service to ensure the bumper is not scraped when loading. Enclosed, covered carriers protect against weather conditions, road damage, and theft. These car carriers are more costly and come with a few disadvantages, such as height and weight restrictions and they are not as highly available.

Whether you need a car carrier to ship your vehicle domestically or internationally, All Day Auto Transport can offer a shipping method to best fit your need. Shipping quotes are free. Call today to speak with one of our highly trained, professional agents.