Shipping a car from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle may seem like a difficult task. All Day Auto Transport specializes in this cross country route to Seattle, Washington. Our company has a fleet of just over 60 carriers that run weekly routes from South Florida up to the Seattle area and we can accommodate any type of vehicle shipment. Our services include motorcycle shipping, truck transport, classic car transport and boat shipping to Seattle. Every car transporter in Fort Lauderdale we have going to Seattle carriers a 1 million dollar cargo insurance policy to give our clients the peace of mind knowing their vehicle is safe. We also guarantee that every transport is a door to door , single truck transport. Which means that the same driver that picks up your car will be the same driver that delivers the vehicle and it will never be switch from truck to truck or stored at a storage facility until a full load is ready. This is something we try to warn every potential customer about, no matter what company you go with , you always want to make sure the quoted price is for a door to door transport.

Classic Car Transport from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle

Many of our clients that transport vehicles from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle choose our enclosed car transport service for classic or luxury cars. These enclosed transporters are for vehicles that may need a little extra care for shipping. Also, the enclosed car shipping service to Seattle covers a 5 million dollar cargo insurance policy, to guarantee that no matter how expensive your car may be, it will be full covered in the rare case of damage during transport.

We are experts in Fort Lauderdale to Seattle auto shipping, if you would like a free quote call us now at 855-269-1288, we are open 24 hours a day or fill out the quote form to the right to receive a free shipping rate directly to your email.