All Day Auto Transport has been a leading auto shipper in Anchorage,Alaska and has been shipping cars and trucks from Alaska to California since 2009. We have multiple shippers that run routes daily from the port in Anchorage to Sacramento, San Francisco, Glendale, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Our rates vary but small sedans can be shipped from Anchorage to Southern California for as low as $1800. Once your vehicle is dropped off at our location in Anchorage it is shipped via barge or via car hauler through Canada. If you choose having it shipped via ground service, it may take about an extra week for delivery but you can save around $250 on the transport. Barge shipments through sea are quicker and your car will arrive to it’s destination sooner, but this does cost slightly more. Either way you choose your car is being shipped with the most reliable transporters in Alaska and although our company does ship to every state, we specialize in transporting vehicles from Alaska to California.

Tips For Shipping Your Car to California

1. REQUIRED Keys. You must provide the trucker at pick up with keys to the ignition, trunk, gas cap and any locked compartment. Please have copies of your keys made and leave only the copies (keep your original set of keys) after you have checked to ensure that the copies fit all devices/compartments.

2. REQUIRED Tape these documents to the top of your dashboard. Please use strong packing tape to securely attach to dashboard top. Documents must be readable from outside the vehicle.

A. Tape to Dashboard: Print this Personal Items Form. Fill it out. This form is a written inventory of all the personal items in your vehicle. The Canadian officials at the border require this.

B. Tape to Dashboard: Copy of the Registration or Copy of the Title

3. Photo ID. In order to pick up the car, you (or anyone you designate) must furnish a photo ID.

4. Non-Owner of vehicle.If the person shipping/receiving the vehicle is other than the owner, we require a letter of authorization from the owner(s). If the vehicle is co-owned, both registered owners must sign the letter. Place a copy in the glove compartment

5. Winter Protection. If you are shipping your vehicle to/from Alaska, radiators and batteries must be adequately protected from freezing. From October 1st to May 1st antifreeze must be adequate to -40.

6. Can I pack items in the car? Yes, but there are major restrictions:

  1. It is NOT recommended that you ship any personal items in the vehicle. We can NOT be held liable for any missing, damaged or stolen items. Theft is extremely rare. Do NOT put any valuables in the vehicle. Anything placed in the vehicle for shipment is AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  2. Personal items form and registration (or title) must be taped to the dash board (otherwise your vehicle is IMPOUNDED, sorry).
  3. Only soft items up to 200 pounds. These include clothes, shoes, and bedding.
  4. NO heavy items. No appliances, no furniture, no weight lifting equipment, etc. See the Forbidden Items list below .
  5. Some items can’t make this journey. See the Forbidden Items list below .
  6. ALL items must be in the hatch or trunk. Nothing in the back seat or the front seats, except for car seats for children. Baby strollers, baby play pens, and golf clubs are also allowed in the back seat.
  7. If you have a hatch (in an SUV), then the items cannot go above the level of the bottom of the windows up to 200 pounds.
  8. If you recklessly stuff the vehicle full of stuff that exceeds the 200 pounds, then your vehicle will be impounded.
  9. Your vehicle may be weighed during the journey. There is a STRICT 200 pound limit. Violators can be IMPOUNDED on the spot.
  10. A spare tire with a jack are considered to be integral parts of the vehicle and therefore allowed.

Remember we can ship your automobile from Anchorage,Alaska to any city in California. Fill out the form to the right for a free custom quote directly to your email. We look forward to shipping your car to California!