3 Reasons to Transport Your Car Instead of Driving it.

1. The cost of fuel is lower than its been in years which is lowering the cost of auto transport . Car Carriers aren’t just keeping these profits in there pockets and are busier than ever. The average cost of shipping is under 40 cents per mile. As crude oil falls below $50 a barrel , auto shipping costs will continue to drop , meaning 2015 will be a busy year for car transporters nationwide.


2. Wear and tear on your vehicle. Shipping a car hundreds of miles across the country can cause much stress on the breaks and tires of the car as well as road wear from pebbles and stones on the highway flying up and nicking the paint. Transporting your car allows you to save time and money and stress on your vehicle.

3. The average time it takes someone to drive from California to Florida is 5 days.  There is a quote that says “time is the most valuable commodity” , think about what you can be doing in 5 days besides driving across the country.


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